High End Weapons in The Division are the best Weapons you can find or purchase, and are generally End Game items that require players to be at level 30 before they can be purchased or farmed. They have a gold colored icon , making them easy to tell apart from other weapons.

High-End Weapons Information

Where do I Find High-End Weapons?

High-End Weapons and Gear can be acquired by (note: the following activities assume the player is at max level):


Farming High End Weapons

Named elite (yellow hp bar) Enemies have a chance to drop high end loot on death. You may improve your chances of getting a high end drop from named elite enemies by equipping Gear with the Scavenging Attribute on it. If you're having a hard time finding Gear with Scavenging on it, try some Recalibration in the Tech Wing to re-roll your gear attributes. You can view the value of your Scavenging attribute from you player stats screen.

Furthermore, playing missions on harder difficulties improves the chances of obtaining a high end loot drop so when farming for high end equipment, try and tackle missions on the highest difficulty you can manage.

Additionally you can kill 2 birds with one stone by running the Daily Missions and/or the 4 Missions available in Challenging to give you a chance at a high end drop from the named boss as well as earn yourself Phoenix Credits to use at the vendors.

On top of the following listed named Weapons you can find a wide variety of base unnamed highends from vendors.


High End Weapons


Name & Icon Type  DAM  RPM  MAG  Accuracy  Reload Speed  Range Stability Mods


Assault Rifle


625 30          4


Shotgun  50.0k 200 2          None


Assault Rifle    8500  850 30               4


Light Machine Gun  5509 650   45          3


Submachine Gun  8007 550 32          4


Assault Rifle  11.7  600  30          4


Submachine Gun                




Pistol  5795 450 15          


Marksman Rifle                




Marksman Rifle  25.5K  275  20          

100 hour

Light Machine Gun                

The Showstopper



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