Tech Wing is an area within the Base of Operations in The Division. It is the area where you make Tech related upgrades unlocking Abilities along the way. You will complete certain Missions to earn Tech Wing supplies to unlock further upgrades to the wing. At End Game, a Special Gear Vendor is available where you can purchase powerful end game gear such as High End Weapons, High End Gear, Blueprints and more.


Tech Wing Information


Tech Wing Upgrades


Tech Missions

Tech Abiities


Technology-icon.pngTechnology Skills


sticky_bomb-icon.pngSticky Bomb

  • Fires a bomb that sticks to most surfaces and explodes when detonated remotely.

Explosion Damage 1574 HP
Explosion Radius 5.0 m
Deployment Range 50.0 m
Cooldown 90.0 s


  • Deploys a stationary turret that attacks nearby hostiles until it is destroyed or its battery runs out.

Damage 28 HP
Range 30.0 m
?? ??
?? ??

seeker_mine-icon.pngSeeker Mine

  • Releases an automated mine that seeks out hostile targets before exploding on proximity.

Explosion Damage 1574 HP
Explosion Radius 5.0 m
?? ??
?? ??

tactical_link-icon.pngTactical Link

Signature Skill

  • Increases damage and critical hit chance to the user and all nearby allies.

Damage Buff 100%
Critical Hit Chance 30%
?? ??
?? ??

Technology-icon.pngTechnology Talents


tactical_advance-icon.pngTactical Advance

  • Complete a cover to cover move to increase weapon damage by 2% per meter covered for 10 seconds.
  • Benefits: Weapon Damage, Affects Agent

police_up-icon.pngPolice Up

  • Kill a hostile with any skill for a 35% chance of auto-refilling all ammo types to capacity.
  • Benefits: Ammo Refill Chance, Affects Agent

evasive_action-icon.pngEvasive Action

  • During a cover to cover move incoming damage is reduced by 30%.
  • Benefits: Damage Reduction, Affects Agent


  • Applying Burn to any target triggers a 30% chance to apply the effect to all targets within 10m.
  • Benefits: Burn Chance, Affects Hostiles

demolition_expert-icon.pngDemolition Expert

  • Kill a hostile with an explosion to increase explosion damage by 40% for 15 seconds.
  • Benefits: Explosion Damage, Affects Hostiles

fear_tactics-icon.pngFear Tactics

  • Applying Shock to any target triggers a 30% chance to apply the effect to all targets within 10m.
  • Benefits: Shock Chance, Affects Hostiles

tech_support-icon.pngTech Support

  • Kill a hostile while any skill is deployed to extend any active skills duration by 10%.
  • Benefits: Skill Duration, Affects Agent

death_by_proxy-icon.pngDeath by Proxy

  • Destroy a hostile's deployed skill to increase skill power by 20% for 30 seconds.
  • Benefits: Disruption, Affects Hostiles

Technology-icon.pngTechnology Perks



  • Increase inventory by 10 slots.

hazardous_materials-icon.pngHazardous Materials

  • Increase Dark Zone inventory by 1 slot.

division_tech_materials-icon.pngDivision Tech Materials

  • Convert Division Tech crafting materials into other materials at the crafting station.


  • Collect electronics (crafting materials) in the Tech Wing once per hour.

soda_perk-icon.pngSoda (Perk)

  • Increase Soda consumable effect duration by 10 seconds.

water_perk-icon.pngWater (Perk)

  • Increase Water consumable effect duration by 10 seconds.


  • Collect tools (crafting materials) in the Tech Wing once per hour.

energy_bar_perk-icon.pngEnergy Bar (Perk)

  • Increase energy bar effect duration by 5 seconds.

resource_assessment-icon.pngResource Assessment

  • Reveal all Division Tech crafting nodes on the Dark Zone map.

stat_switch-icon.pngStat Switch

  • Unlock item stat switching at the Recalibration Station.

dark_zone_funds-icon.pngDark Zone Funds

  • Increase looted Dark Zone fund gains by 10%.


  • Increase stash by 10 slots.

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