High End Gear in The Division are the best Gear you can find or purchase, and are End Game items. They have a gold colored icon, making them easy to tell apart from other Gear. High End Gear is also where you will find powerful Gear Talents to augment your stats.

High-End Gear Information

Where do I Find High-End Gear?

High-End Weapons and Gear can be acquired by (note: the following activities assume the player is at max level):


Farming High End Gear

Named elite (yellow hp bar) Enemies have a chance to drop high end loot on death. You may improve your chances of getting a high end drop from named elite enemies by equipping Gear with the Scavenging Attribute on it. If you're having a hard time finding Gear with Scavenging on it, try some Recalibration in the Tech Wing to re-roll your gear attributes. You can view the value of your Scavenging attribute from you player stats screen.

Furthermore, playing missions on harder difficulties improves the chances of obtaining a high end loot drop so when farming for high end equipment, try and tackle missions on the highest difficulty you can manage.

Additionally you can kill 2 birds with one stone by running the Daily Missions and/or the 4 Missions available in Challenging to give you a chance at a high end drop from the named boss as well as earn yourself Phoenix Credits to use at the vendors.


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