Light Machine Guns in The Division are one of 6 types of Weapons the player can use. Light machine guns are high-powered fully automatic weapons with large capacity magazines, but which require some time to stabilize when firing. They are most effective at medium range and their ability to sustain fire and improve in accuracy the longer they are fired, make them an effective weapon for players aiming for suppression of enemies in order to force them into cover and set them up for grenades or other tactics. They can be upgraded with Optics, Magazines, Underbarrels and Muzzles and you can change the Skin of the Weapon to customize its appearance.

Light Machine Guns


Name & Icon  DAM  RPM  MAG  Accuracy  Reload Speed  Range Stability Mods

Military L86 LSW


M249 B


Classic RPK-74




Classic M60


M60 E6




Black Market M60


Black Market M60 E6


Black Market RPK-74 E


Custom L82 A2


M249 SAW


M60 E4


Military RPK-74 M






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