Shotguns in The Division are one of 6 types of Weapons the player can use. They have shorter Range than most other Weapons, but you won't find a more effective Weapon in close quarters or point blank range, making them effective weapons for a surprise enemy in your face or as part of a tank/front lines build based on Stamina. They can be upgraded with Optics, Magazines, Underbarrels and Muzzles and you can change the Skin of the Weapon to customize its appearance.



Name & Icon DAM RPM MAG Accuracy Reload Speed Range Stability Mods



Moss 50


M870 Express

1752-1840 75 5         4

Super 90

1257 150 8         4

Double Barrel Shotgun

1512 200 2         1





Military M870


Custom M870 MCS


Black Market SASG-12 S


Fireman's Super 90


Hunting M870




Marine Super 90


Military M870A


Police Shotgun




Super 90 SBS


Double Barrel Sawed Off


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