Contamination Zones in The Division are areas inside of Dark Zones.

Contamination Zones

Contamination Zones in The Division are severely infected areas within Dark Zones denoted by a red hazardous radiation symbol on the map that also may be home to the best loot in the game. Going into these areas with Masks equipped is a must for survival. The entirety of the contaminated area is shaded by yellow on the map.

Entering a Contamination Zone safely requires equipping a mask and having a filter of a level that matches the level of the Contamination Zone you are about to enter. Upgrading your filter level is done via the Protective Measures Medical Perk, which is unlocked via upgrading the Medical Wing within the Base of Operations. Your starting filter level is 1, and can be elevated to 4 after unlocking the Protective Measures perk 3 times throughout the Medical Wing upgrade process.

Entering a contamination zone without the proper gear will trigger a 10 second timer, and at expiry will result in death.

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      Why are there some contamination zones in The Dark Zone with level 8 filter required!? How to achieve that level of filter?

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