Locations in The Division are listed here. The Division takes place in New York City, specifically in Manhattan only although Brooklyn is briefly shown. It is unknown if the locations will expand beyond this area. The section of Midtown Manhattan that comprises the playable portion of the game is dense, with many buildings that can be entered and some of the buildings feature multiple floors and rooftop access. The game begins with you taking a helicopter in Brooklyn and being dropped into Camp Hudson in Midtown Manhattan, where you will begin your Missions.

Fast travel is available for players outside of Dark Zones. Players may fast travel to their Base of Operations or to other players. Fast travel is not available when inside a Dark Zone. 

When traveling from location to location you may select a marker on the map for tracking. While in the map view screen you may enable GPS tracking which will display an in-game yellow line in the air above you that leads to the marker.

See the Maps section for a visual overview of the in game map. See the ECHOs section for their locations.




Locations by Level


Section Level
Camp Hudson 3-4
Chelsea 2-4
Pennsylvania Plaza 3-5
Hudson Yards 5-9
Garment District 5-9
Tenderloin 9-12
Times Square 10-13
Hell's Kitchen 10-13
Clinton 14-15
Flatiron District 15-16
Gramercy 16-18
Stuyvesant 18-19
Kips Bay 20-23
Murray Hill 24-26
Turtle Bay 27-28
Midtown East 28-30

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