Dark Zones in The Division are a game mode that allows for Player V.S. Environment and Player V.S. Player simultaneously. Dark Zones are broken into several different zones, which are separated based on the expected levels of Enemies you will encounter. The Loot Drop Rates in the Dark Zone are much higher than outside of it, making it the best place to go in search of the best Weapons and Gear the game has to offer.

Dark Zone Information

"It started as a basic cordon, but ultimately became a full-blown quarantine zone. Eventually the pressure became too much – too many sick, not enough aid workers, the number of guards dwindled, things broke down, and civil unrest and lawlessness ran rampant. A blackout was the nail in the coffin that forced the military to abandon the area. They dropped everything they had and headed for the gates, most of them barely making it out at all. Left behind were not just the supplies, medicine and weapons, but also tens of thousands of sick, dying and dead."

  • These are essentially contaminated areas of the City where all the good loot has been left behind.
  • The Dark Zones are bracketed by player level to group players of similar levels together, You can view the current bracket on the map screen. Parties of mixed levels can play together with no issue provided the highest level player is nominated as the group leader. The entire party can then join on the group leader and will enter the Dark Zone bracket of the group leader. For example a party comprised of a level 1, level 3, level 5 and level 10 should select the level 10 as the group leader. The rest of the party can then join the group leader's Dark Zone which will be at a bracket that includes level 10 players.
  • Players progress differently in these zones. Dark Zone Rank depends solely on what they do in the Dark Zone. Improving your Dark Zone Rank gains you access to better gear from Dark Zone vendors as well as being able to open certain Dark Zone Rank restricted containers. Purchasing some gear requires both a minimum Dark Zone Rank and player level.
  • Players can take out Rogue Agents (other players) or fight enemy Factions in the Dark Zones to level up. Other players are unmarked on the map, adding to the danger.
  • Players lose Dark Zone XP when they die. As such players can be demoted in Dark Zone Rank if they die too much.
  • All loot is obtained by taking out high-level AI enemies or through scavenging in the Dark Zones. All PvE loot gained in the Dark Zone is instanced, meaning every player receives their own unique loot.
  • Once you collect such loot, your player will have a yellow Contaminated Pack with them. This pack allows other players to target a player with loot.
  • To keep the loot, players will have to extract it out of the Dark Zone by traveling to an Extraction Zone and calling in a helicopter that can decontaminate the loot and deliver it to the player's Stash in the Base of Operations.
  • Once the player calls for an extraction, it takes about 90 seconds for the helicopter to arrive at the marked location and drop a rope for loot extraction. The rope will drop from anywhere within the extraction zone. Once the rope drops, you must attach your loot to it for it to extract successfully. Prepare to defend yourself from enemies during this time.
  • During this time, all other players in the Dark Zone (including Rogue Agents) may show up to steal the loot. The only loot you can lose is loot that has been acquired in the Dark Zone and has not been extracted yet. Effective May 24th, with the Conflict update, players may now hijack loot by cutting an extraction rope to spill all the attached loot to the ground.
  • If during this time, the player attacks any other non-Rogue player, the player will also become a Rogue Agent.

Dark Zone Areas

The initial Dark Zone is segmented into 6 areas, which increase in recommended level in order from south to north. The quality of the loot dropped increases the higher the Dark Zone you go into. At End Game, the Dark Zone become one contiguous zone for max level players.





Contaminated Zones

Safe Room Coordinates

Extraction Zone Coordinates

Dark Zone Chest Coordinates

Dark Zone 1 10-12
  • W31st St (Vendor)
  • 5th Ave (Vendor)
  • E31st St
  • 4x Level 2
  • 1x Level 4
  • 1000x1890
  • 1048x2308
Dark Zone 2 13-15
  • W34th St (Vendor)
  • E34th St (Vendor)
  • 2 Entrances
  • 3x Level 2
  • 1x Level 3
  • 1340x2227
  •  1284x2012 
Dark Zone 3 16-18
  • E40th St (Vendor)
  • W42nd St
Dark Zone 4 22-24
  • 1 Entrance
Dark Zone 5 27-29
  • W46th St (Vendor)
  • 2018x1648
Dark Zone 6 29-30
  •  W53rd St (Vendor)


Safe Rooms
Dark Zone Rank
Dark Zone Funds
Dark Zone Chests
Extraction Zone
Rogue Agents

Dark Zone Safe Rooms

Inside Dark Zones, a Safe Room is specifically for the player and their team. Upon entering a Dark Zone Safe Room, players will only be able to see members of their own teams. Functionally these Safe Rooms are less featured than ones outside of Dark Zones. They provide a restock for Ammo and Consumables. Items purchased from a Dark Zone Vendor require Dark Zone currency and minimum Dark Zone Rank in addition to a minimum player level. 

The furthest north Safe Room in Dark Zone 6 features a special Vendor that sells High End Weapons and High End Gear in exchange for Phoenix Credits.


Dark Zone Rank in The Division is a measure of your progression within Dark Zones.

Dark Zone Rank Information

Dark Zone Rank depends solely on what you do in the Dark Zone. Killing enemies, players and completing objectives improves your Dark Zone Rank. Improving your Dark Zone Rank gains you access to better gear from Dark Zone vendors as well as being able to open certain Dark Zone Rank restricted containers. Players lose Dark Zone XP when they die. As such players can be demoted if they die too much.

Inside a Safe House within Dark Zones are special Vendor that sells High-End Weapons. Items purchased from a Dark Zone Vendor require Dark Zone currency and minimum Dark Zone Rank in addition to a minimum player level. The very first Weapons and Gear you can purchase require Dark Zone Rank 8. If you spend about an hour in the Dark Zone you should accomplish this.

Dark Zone Rank Dark Zone XP Needed To Reach Next Level
1 125
2 180 
3 265
4 380 
5 525 
6 700 
7 905 
8 1140 
9 1405
10 1700 
11 2025 
12 2380 
13 2765
14 3180
15 3625
16 4100
17 4605
18 5140
19 5705
20 6300
21 6925
22 7580
23 8265
24 8980
25 9725
26 10500
27 11305
28 12140
29 13005
30 13900
31 14825
32 15780
33 16765
34 17780
35 18825
36 19900
37 21005
38 22140
39 23305
40 24500
41 25725
42 26980
43 28265
44 29580
45 30925
46 32300
47 33705
48 35140
49 36605
50 38100
51 39625
52 41180
53 42765
54 44380
55 46025
56 47700
57 49405
58 51140
59 52905
60 54700
61 56525
62 58380
63 60265
64 62180
65 64125
66 66100
67 68105
68 70140
69 72205
70 74300
71 76425
72 78580
73 80765
74 82980
75 85225
76 87500
77 89805
78 92140
79 94505
80 96900
81 99325
82 101780
83 104265
84 106780
85 109325
86 111900
87 114505
88 117140
89 119805
90 122500
91 125225
92 127980
93 130765
94 133580
95 136425
96 139300
97 142205
98 145140
99 148105

Dark Zone at Endgame

The Division has an initial level cap of 30. Once you reach level 30, the game undergoes several changes:
  • The Dark Zone repopulates with all new content and challenges that are level appropriate.
  • Instead of segmented zones, the entire Dark Zone is repopulated to explore from the beginning again.
  • The Dark Zone will feature a precise calendar of events and instances that can be tackled.

Dark Zone Funds

Dark Zone Funds are the currency used within Dark Zones to purchase Gear and Weapons fromVendors. Dark Zone Funds can be collected by:

  • Killing certain enemies
  • Killing other players in PvP and
  • Looting Dark Zone chests.
  • Surviving as a Rogue Agent
Upon death, you lose a certain amount of your Dark Zone Funds depending on your present factors such as Rogue Rank. 

Dying in the Dark Zone

If you die in the Dark Zone you lose the following (how much you lose of each depends on several factors, such as your Rogue Agent Rank):

  1. Dark Zone Funds
  2. Dark Zone XP (and possibly lose a Dark Zone Rank if you lose enough)
  3. Some of your Dark Zone Keys
  4. Contaminated (unextracted) loot acquired in the Dark Zone
You may be able to return to your corpse to retrieve the items before other players can steal what you've dropped.

Dark Zone Chests and Dark Zone Keys

Dark Zone chests are where you can find some of the best loot in the game as well as Dark Zone Funds. The smaller chests can be opened by anyone and typically feature an item of common rarity. A larger chest can only be opened when you are at a minimum Dark Zone Rank. The best, more ornate chests require a Dark Zone Key to unlock their contents. These chests are a great way to earn Dark Zone Funds and refresh roughly hourly.

Dark Zone Chest Locations
Coordinates Description

Dark Zone Keys can be obtained from killing elite (yellow hp bar) and named enemies. They may also be looted from killing other players provided that player was carrying keys themselves.

Extraction Zone in The Division are locations inside Dark Zones where players can call in a helicopter extract to secure any contaminated Weapons or Gear they've collected while completing objectives in the Dark Zone. There are several in each Dark Zone and they are marked on the Map.

Extraction Zone Information

  • Extraction ZoneExtraction Zones are hotbeds for player activity as they are the only locations where valuable Dark Zone loot can be extracted. There is no other way to remove looted gear from the Dark Zone to your stash. However, items bought at Dark Zone Vendors do not need to be extracted.
  • Upon entering the helipad circle, a player with extractable loot and room in their stash will be given an option on their screen to call in an extraction. A timer begins counting down from 1 minute 30 seconds the arrival of the helicopter. 
  • Once the extraction has been called in, the game alerts all players in the area of an incoming extraction, and will keep them updated on the time until the extraction arrives and departs.
  • Once the extraction arrives, a rope is dropped from the helicopter in the vicinity of the helipad circle. Players have 30 seconds to tie their loot to the rope. 5 players can tie their loot to the rope, any players beyond the first 5 to tie must call in and wait for another extraction. Once the loot has been extracted you receive a confirmation and rundown of the gear you have secured. All extracted loot is deposited in your Stash under the Extracted tab. You may access your Stash at your Base of Operations or other hub areas that have a Stash icon on the map.
  • NPC enemies will often spawn in during the extraction period, causing havoc and danger to players. This period is also a good opportunity for loot hunting rogue players to attack other players in hopes of stealing their gear and extracting it away. 

Extraction Zone Locations

Coordinates Street Address Dark Zone Description
997, 1897   1 Ground level street intersection
1045, 2306   1 Courtyard
1301,2020   2 Rooftop


Rogue Agents in The Division are players in the Dark Zones who have assassinated other players.

You are an idiot joe marble...

Rogue Agents Information

This is a Player V.S. Player element of The Division that is meant to provide some deterrence to killing other players in the Dark Zones.

When a player starts damaging another player they are given a warning that any further damage will cause them to go rogue. Continuing to do damage to the player will make you a "Rogue Agent", and a countdown-timer appears, indicating the time for which the player will remain a "Rogue Agent". During that time, all other players in the Dark Zones can kill and steal the loot of the "Rogue Agent". However, if the "Rogue Agent" continues to attack and kill other players during that time, the time will extend further as their Rogue Agent Rank goes up. This process repeats itself for every PvP Kill of the "Rogue Agent".

Therefore, the player must weigh the advantages and disadvantages of killing another player before actually doing it. Also keep in mind that if you are in a squad, if one player goes rogue, every player in the squad goes rogue. Dying as a rogue agent results in a steep deduction of Dark Zone Currency, Dark Zone XP, and Dark Zone Keys. Dying as a rogue also results in a timer before respawn is available.

Rogue Agent Rank

Rogue Agent Rank in The Division is how you increase in notoriety when becoming one of the game's Rogue Agents.

Rogue Agent Rank Information

Once a player has gone rogue they are at Rank 0 and an icon appears above their head. Each subsequent rank is marked by a segment around the icon. There are 6 different Rogue Ranks.

  • Rank 0: Do enough damage to incur Rogue status, indicated by a Skull Icon and a 20s countdown.
  • Rank 1: Down another player to get to this rank, indicated by a single segment above the skull and a 90s countdown.
  • Rank 2: Kill another player other than the player you downed to get to Rank 1, indicated by 2 segments around the skull and a 120s countdown.
  • Rank 3: Continue to kill other players, indicated by 3 segments around the skull and a 160s countdown.
  • Rank 4: Continue to kill other players, indicated by 4 segments around the skull and a 240s countdown.
  • Rank 5: Continue to kill other players, indicated by 5 segments around the skull and a 300s countdown.

Firing upon and killing a Rank 0 Rogue Agent can cause a player to go rogue themselves unless they are the player the Rank 0 damaged to earn that ranking.

Your Rogue Agent Rank also determines the amount of Dark Zone Funds, Dark Zone XP and Dark Zone Key loss you experience when dying in one of the Dark Zones. The higher your rank the more you lose. Surviving the countdown timer as a rogue will earn you Dark Zone Funds as a multiplier of your current rank.

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