Rogue Agents in The Division are players in the Dark Zones who have assassinated other players.

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Rogue Agents Information

This is a Player V.S. Player element of The Division that is meant to provide some deterrence to killing other players in the Dark Zones.

When a player starts damaging another player they are given a warning that any further damage will cause them to go rogue. Continuing to do damage to the player will make you a "Rogue Agent", and a countdown-timer appears, indicating the time for which the player will remain a "Rogue Agent". During that time, all other players in the Dark Zones can kill and steal the loot of the "Rogue Agent". However, if the "Rogue Agent" continues to attack and kill other players during that time, the time will extend further as their Rogue Agent Rank goes up. This process repeats itself for every PvP Kill of the "Rogue Agent".

Therefore, the player must weigh the advantages and disadvantages of killing another player before actually doing it. Also keep in mind that if you are in a squad, if one player goes rogue, every player in the squad goes rogue. Dying as a rogue agent results in a steep deduction of Dark Zone Currency, Dark Zone XP, and Dark Zone Keys. Dying as a rogue also results in a timer before respawn is available.

Rogue Agent Rank

Rogue Agent Rank in The Division is how you increase in notoriety when becoming one of the game's Rogue Agents.

Rogue Agent Rank Information

Once a player has gone rogue they are at Rank 0 and an icon appears above their head. Each subsequent rank is marked by a segment around the icon. There are 6 different Rogue Ranks.

  • Rank 0: Do enough damage to incur Rogue status, indicated by a Skull Icon and a 20s countdown.
  • Rank 1: Down another player to get to this rank, indicated by a single segment above the skull and a 90s countdown.
  • Rank 2: Kill another player other than the player you downed to get to Rank 1, indicated by 2 segments around the skull and a 120s countdown.
  • Rank 3: Continue to kill other players, indicated by 3 segments around the skull and a 160s countdown.
  • Rank 4: Continue to kill other players, indicated by 4 segments around the skull and a 240s countdown.
  • Rank 5: Continue to kill other players, indicated by 5 segments around the skull and a 300s countdown.

Firing upon and killing a Rank 0 Rogue Agent can cause a player to go rogue themselves unless they are the player the Rank 0 damaged to earn that ranking.

Your Rogue Agent Rank also determines the amount of Dark Zone Funds, Dark Zone XP and Dark Zone Key loss you experience when dying in one of the Dark Zones. The higher your rank the more you lose. Surviving the countdown timer as a rogue will earn you Dark Zone Funds as a multiplier of your current rank.

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