Extraction Zone in The Division are locations inside Dark Zones where players can call in a helicopter extract to secure any contaminated Weapons or Gear they've collected while completing objectives in the Dark Zone. There are several in each Dark Zone and they are marked on the Map.

Extraction Zone Information

  • Extraction ZoneExtraction Zones are hotbeds for player activity as they are the only locations where valuable Dark Zone loot can be extracted. There is no other way to remove looted gear from the Dark Zone to your stash. However, items bought at Dark Zone Vendors do not need to be extracted.
  • Upon entering the helipad circle, a player with extractable loot and room in their stash will be given an option on their screen to call in an extraction. A timer begins counting down from 1 minute 30 seconds the arrival of the helicopter. 
  • Once the extraction has been called in, the game alerts all players in the area of an incoming extraction, and will keep them updated on the time until the extraction arrives and departs.
  • Once the extraction arrives, a rope is dropped from the helicopter in the vicinity of the helipad circle. Players have 30 seconds to tie their loot to the rope. 5 players can tie their loot to the rope, any players beyond the first 5 to tie must call in and wait for another extraction. Once the loot has been extracted you receive a confirmation and rundown of the gear you have secured. All extracted loot is deposited in your Stash under the Extracted tab. You may access your Stash at your Base of Operations or other hub areas that have a Stash icon on the map.
  • NPC enemies will often spawn in during the extraction period, causing havoc and danger to players. This period is also a good opportunity for loot hunting rogue players to attack other players in hopes of stealing their gear and extracting it away. 

Extraction Zone Locations

Coordinates Street Address Dark Zone Description
997, 1897   1 Ground level street intersection
1045, 2306   1 Courtyard
1301,2020   2 Rooftop

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