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What is The Division?

The Division is a Third-Person cover based RPG shooter and looter, that features seamless multiplayer which allows you to engage in cooperative and competitive gameplay with others as well as a robust Crafting system. Set in Midtown Manhattan, in the disastrous aftermath of a disease epidemic you take on the role of a self supported agent in a group known as The Division. Your mission is to work together to take control of the city back from rioters and those who are responsible for the disease.

How does Leveling work in The Division?

The 3 primary Stats in The Division are Firearms, Stamina and Electronics. Firearms affects your damage with weapons, Stamina affects your health pool and Electronics improves the effectiveness of your Skills. You gain XP by completing Missions, killing Enemies, discovering new Locations, and giving citizens spare items. All Weapons and equipped Gear are gated by level, so if you’re at level six and you find a level-eight assault rifle, you can’t use that weapon until you level up. The Division has an initial level cap of 30. Once you reach level 30, the game undergoes several changes:
  • Dark Zones repopulate with all new content and challenges that are level appropriate.
  • Instead of segmented zones, the entire Dark Zone is repopulated to explore from the beginning again.
  • You will continue to be able to find and improve Equipment and Weapons through Crafting.

How do Weapons work in The Division?

You can equip a primary weapon, a secondary weapon and a pistol, and the Weapons in these sub-categories all have individual stats designed to complement different play styles, like accuracy, range, and stability. Every parameter contributes to your damage per second (DPS), which you can view in the Inventory menu. You can also apply Mods to weapons. Mods grant additional perks to your weapons that improve some of its characteristics, like accuracy, giving extra life to weapons that might not seem all that useful initially.

How does Gear work in The Division?

The in-game equipped gear category is where you’ll find your Body Armor, Gloves, Backpacks, Knee Pads, Holsters and Masks. This gear affects your defensive and passive abilities, and can also benefit from Mods.

What is the Base of Operations in The Division?

Base of Operations in The Division is a single-player only location that is not shared with other players. It is divided into 3 wings - Security Wing, Tech Wing and Medical Wing. This is the same as how the Skill Tree divided. Unlocking access to these wings will require special rescue missions for personnel. In each wing, you are able to upgrade your Skills, Abilities, Talents and Perks belonging to that particular category. Each wing has its own currency used for upgrades, which you can earn through wing-specific missions. In the case of the medical wing, for example, every upgrade requires medical supplies.

Players can do various other activities at their Base, including buying and selling weapons, obtain gear extracted from the Dark Zones, find contaminated weapons and gear in their Stash, use the Crafting Station to craft a large variety of weapons and gear and interact with key NPCs whom you have previously rescued. A special feature of the Base is the Canine Unit, which allows the player to manage the Canine unit of their Joint Task-Force Agents.

The Base is also dynamic - meaning it will change its appearance in conjunction with the player's progress over time. As the player gets closer to stabilizing the City, the base becomes cleaner and more advanced.

What are Skills in The Division and how do they work?

Skills in The Division are a type of Ability the player can use mid combat that have varying effects and must cooldown before they are available to use again. They can be broken down into 3 categories: Security, Medical and Technology. Skills have Skill Mods that change what they do, and the further you progress your character, the more Skills and Skill Mods will become available through your Base of Operations. You may equip 2 normal skills and 1 of the Signature Skills at any time once you have unlocked the Signature Skill slot.

What are Talents in The Division and how do they work?

Talents in The Division are passive Abilities that benefit the player that have varying effects such as recoil reduction when in cover or improved healing from a Medkit.. They can be broken down into 3 categories: Security, Medical and Technology. The further you progress your character, the more Talents will become available.

What are Perks in The Division and how do they work?

Perks in The Division are a type of Ability the player has that provide simple passive effects such as increasing inventory or experience gains. They can be broken down into 3 categories: Security, Medical and Technology. The further you progress your character, the more Perks will become available.

What are Dark Zones in The Division?

The Dark Zones are the PvP-enabled area populated with enemies and other players. The Dark Zone contains some of the better loot in the game. At any given time, other players can either help them get that loot, or they can try to take it from them. Choosing the latter means that you’ve become a Rogue Agent, and will be designated as such to other agents – who are then free to kill you without going rogue themselves. Killing enemies is the best way to gain experience in the Dark Zone, which has a separate leveling system for gear known as Dark Zone Rank. See the Dark Zones page for more detailed information on the areas where you will likely spend the bulk of your time playing in.

What is Dark Zone Rank The Division and how does it work?

Dark Zone Rank depends solely on what you do in Dark Zones. Improving your Dark Zone Rank gains you access to better gear from Dark Zone vendors as well as being able to open certain Dark Zone Rank restricted containers. Players lose Dark Zone XP when they die. As such players can be demoted if they die too much.

Inside a Safe Room within Dark Zones are special Vendor that sells Legendary Weapons. Items purchased from a Dark Zone Vendor require Dark Zone currency and minimum Dark Zone Rank in addition to a minimum player level.

What are Contamination Zones in The Division?

Contamination Zones in The Division are severely infected areas within Dark Zones that also may be home to the best loot in the game. Going into these areas with Masks equipped is a must for survival.

What are Missions like in The Division?

There are several different types of Missions available in The Division. There are main story missions which are tied to your Base of Operations improvements organized into Security Missions, Medical Missions, and Tech Missions. Beyond those main branches, the game also features Side Missions and Encounters. Certain missions have minimum level requirements. They do however, allow for the difficulty to be changed, which either increases or reduces the amount of experience and rewards for successful completion. Missions can be completed in co-op play and count for everyone in your squad provided they have all accepted the mission beforehand.

How do Online play and Safe Rooms work in The Division?

In addition to the PvP and PvE enabled Dark Zones players can engage in Online matchmaking by visiting a Safe Room which behaves like a scaled down version of the Base of Operations. Outside of Dark Zones, Safe Rooms provide players with access to their stash, Vendors, and Notice Board and with Online matchmaking. From inside a Safe Room you will be able inspect other random players and invite them for co-op play and vice versa. They do not provide access to your Security, Medical and Tech Wings so you cannot perform upgrades associated with these elements in Safe Rooms.

Inside Dark Zones, Safe Rooms are specifically for the player and their team. Upon entering a Dark Zone Safe Room, players will only be able to see members of their own teams. Functionally these Safe Rooms are less featured than ones outside of Dark Zones. They provide a restock for Ammo and Consumables and feature a special Vendor that sells Legendary Weapons. Items purchased from a Dark Zone Vendor require Dark Zone currency and minimum Dark Zone Rank in addition to a minimum player level.

Squad leaders are given several special features for organizing squad play. Squad leaders may:
  • Set the Squad name.
  • Set a waypoint on the map which the entire squad can see.
  • Set a countdown timer on an enemy to allow precise coordination on when to attack.

Missions can be completed in co-op play and count for everyone in your squad provided they have all accepted the mission beforehand.

Beta FAQs


What is the Tom Clancy’s The Division Beta?

The Tom Clancy’s The Division Beta is your chance to test and experience a pre-release version of the game before it launches. Plus, it serves as an important opportunity to make sure that the game is balanced and that the servers are tested to pave the way for a smooth launch. The beta will not be a full version of the game, and will only function during specific time frames.

When is the Beta?

Xbox One players will gain access to the Closed Beta on January 28, 2016. The Closed Beta for PS4 and PC will start on January 29th, 2016. The Closed Beta will end on January 31, 2016 for all systems.

How can I get a Beta code?

There are a limited number of guaranteed access codes for the beta. In order to receive one, you must pre-order Tom Clancy’s The Division for Xbox One, PlayStation®4 system, or PC from a participating retailer. Find a participating retailer by visiting thedivisiongame.com/buy. You can also choose to register for the waiting list, but this does not guarantee beta access.

I pre-ordered Tom Clancy’s The Division! Where do I locate my beta code?

Depending on the retailer, your code could be printed on the retail receipt, provided to you on a printed card, or sent to you via email. If you did not receive or cannot locate your beta code, please contact your retailer. Pre-purchases made via Xbox Store, PlayStation®Store, or Steam will not require a code. In these cases, access to the beta is automatically granted!

I pre-ordered the game, but I was already registered on the waiting list! What should I do to guarantee beta access?

Return to thedivisiongame.com/beta and enter the beta code you were provided with by the retailer. You will automatically be upgraded from the waiting list and have guaranteed access.

My retailer gave me a beta code when I pre-ordered! What do I do with it?

When you pre-order, you’ll receive an access code from your retailer. It will look something like: xxxxxxxxxxxx
Please visit thedivisiongame.com/beta and follow the instructions on the page to redeem this code. You will receive further instructions by email shortly before the start of the beta!

After redeeming my code, I was asked if I wanted to invite friends! Why should I do this?

Tom Clancy’s The Division can be played solo or with a team. If you would like to try the beta out with your friends, you can input their email addresses and we will send them a personalized invitation on your behalf to register for the beta! Rest assured we will not email your friends beyond this invitation unless they choose to sign up, nor will we share their email addresses with any partners or third parties.

What should I do if I’ve lost my beta code or discover that the code is illegible?

If you’ve lost your beta code or the code is illegible, please contact your retailer about getting a copy of your lost or damaged beta code.

My beta code isn’t working! What do I do?

Don’t panic. If you receive an error message when entering your beta code at thedivisiongame.com/beta, please verify the code and try again. Please keep in mind that sometimes oes (O) and zeros (0) look similar. If you continue to see an error message, please contact Ubisoft Customer Support.

Will I receive anything for participating in the beta?

Data gathered during the beta along with the feedback you provide us about our game is extremely important to the success and stability of the final retail release of Tom Clancy’s The Division. As a thank-you for participating in the beta, you may be eligible to receive special in-game rewards that can be unlocked in the full release of the game! More details about this will be revealed at a later date. Follow @thedivisiongame on Twitter to stay informed about these opportunities.

Do I need a Uplay account to register for the beta?

Yes, you will need a Uplay account to redeem your code on the website or register for the waiting list. If you don’t have an account, you’ll be prompted to create one during the process of redeeming your beta code or registering for the waiting list. It’s a simple and free process!

Do I need an Xbox Live Gold or PlayStation®Plus membership to participate in the beta?

Xbox One and PlayStation®4 system owners will not need an Xbox Live Gold or PlayStation®Plus membership to access and play the beta. However, there are some game modes that require such accounts. More details on this will be released in the future.

What are the minimum specs for PC?

The game is still in development and we’re focusing on providing the best experience for all players. We are currently at a stage in production where we have yet to finalize our technical optimization for each version. We will update the FAQ when we will be able to announce the required specs.

I have an issue that’s not listed here!

If your issue is not listed in this FAQ, please contact Ubisoft Customer Support.
  1. ^ From Official Site - http://tomclancy-thedivision.ubi.com/game/en-CA/faq/

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