Mods are how you customize Equipment and Weapons in The Division. They can be made in Crafting from specific Blueprints or they can be purchased directly from Merchants such as the Mods Vendor in the Base of Operations. Mods feature the same rarity and level characteristics as other equipment like Weapons.

Mods Information

These are the following kinds of mods:

Weapon Mods

Updated Jan 18, 2016 3:04 am

Weapon Mods in The Division can be added to Weapons or changed to improve or add new effects. They have different qualities: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic and Legendary. The percentages of improvement on these mods are RNG based, falling inside a number range for the level of mod and quality of it. Weapon Mods can also be crafted. See the Weapon Mod Blueprints page to see exactly which ones can be.

There are currently 5 Mod types for Weapons,. These Mod types are: Skins, Optics, Magazines, Underbarrels and Muzzles.

Weapon Mods


Skins change the appearance of the Weapon, but have no effect otherwise.


Optics effects the Sights and Scopes of the Weapon, as well as the zoom, magnification and other such factors.


Magazines can be changed in favor of those that carry more Ammo, improved reload speed, rate of fire or critical hit modifiers. 


Underbarrels add aim improving modifications such as foregrips and laser modules.


Muzzles can affect the Accuracy, Stability, Critical hit damage, imroved or reduced Threat (suppressors), Horizontal or First shot recoil of the Weapon.

Gear Mods

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