Muzzles in The Division are one of 5 types of Mods that can be applied to Weapons. They affect Attributes such as Stability, and Threat. They can be obtained as loot drops from Enemies, giving Consumables to NPCs, can be found in the Dark Zone on players or in Dark Zone Chests, and can be purchased from Vendors. They are available in Small and Large sizes, with Small able to be applied to ?? Weapons and Large able to be applied to ?? Weapons. Muzzles are available in the 5 different rarity types, and their possible Attributes by rarity are as follows:

Muzzle Information

Quality of Muzzle Max # of Attributes
 Worn 1 Minor or 1 Major
 Standard 1 Minor or 1 Major
 Specialized 1 Minor and 1 Major
 Superior ??
 High-End ??
Muzzle Attributes Attribute Type
+% Initial Bullet Stability Major
+% Reduced Threat Minor
+% Critical Hit Chance Major
+% Critical Hit Damage Major
+% Horizontal Stability Major
+% Accuracy Major

Small Muzzles


Always has +% Horizontal Stability

Ti-RANT Suppressor

Always has +% Reduced Threat
Muzzle Brake

Always has +% Stability

Large Muzzles

Large Suppressor - FDE

Always has +% Reduced Threat

Omega Rifle Suppressor

Always has +% Reduced Threat

SR-7 Suppressor

Always has +% Reduced Threat

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    • Anonymous

      Omega rifle suppressor random major?04 May 2016 02:19  

      Just found an omega rifle suppressor for sale on a dz checkpoint vendor with Major Critical Hit Damage and Minor Reduced Threat

      • Anonymous

        INCREASE Threat also available11 Mar 2016 22:10  

        I can confirm INCREASE threat is also available, however i have only yet to find 1 by R.19 DZR.26.

        • Anonymous

          missing muzzle brake, flash hider, loud vent brake11 Mar 2016 03:20  

          brake is stability, vent brake is threat increase, hider is accuracy

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