Online in The Division works in different ways depending on which game type you are playing. You can play against the environment, PvP or do a bit of both. More information will be added here as it becomes available. There is no cross-platform play available.


Squads and Matchmaking

A full squad is comprised of 4 players. At Endgame multi-group content of at least 2 grouped squads will be available.

The Safe House is where players can interact with each other and create invites for Squads. Inside Dark Zones, Safe Houses are are only for members of the same squad, you will not see anyone else there.

Squad Leaders

Squad leaders are given several special features for organizing squad play. Squad leaders may:
  • Set the Squad name.
  • Set a waypoint on the map which the entire squad can see.
  • Set a countdown timer on an enemy to allow precise coordination on when to attack.


Missions can be completed in co-op play and count for everyone in your squad provided they have all accepted the mission beforehand.

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