Status Effects in The Division are negative conditions which can be inflicted by items such as Grenades.

Status Effects



Effect: damage over time and gradual vision impairment.
Items: Fragmentation Grenade


Effect: Temporarily impairs the vision and hearing of any enemy.
Items: Flashbang Grenade


Effect: Drains an enemy's health over time. Players cannot run or activate skills.
Items: Incendiary Grenade


Effect: Temporarily impairs the vision, as well as the accuracy, of any enemy.
Items: Tear Gas Grenade


Effect: Destroys any active skills.
Items: EMP Grenade


Effect: Temporarily paralyzes an enemy and also deal damage.
Items: Shock Grenade

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    • Anonymous

      I am actually satisfied with the information, considering that you cannot find this information in other places. Yes it could go into a lot more detail however the game itself doesn't help much, there is a lot of information lacking from the devs. I for one know at least which items cause the effects so I know if I need certain resistance. For most people this would be against Flacon and the new Raid.

      • Anonymous

        This is the most basic, rudimentary information you could possibly post and still call it "helpful". I didn't come here to learn that burn damage hurts people over time. I wanted to know which effects slow players down, which stop them from using weapons or items, which effects prevent or reduce skill usage. Ugh.

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