Grenades in The Division perform several different functions in the game. From dealing to damage to disabling enemy Skills and inflicting negative Status Effects, they are an important tactical choice for loadouts. The following is a list of grenades in the game and their effects.


emp_grenade-icon.pngEMP Grenade

Description: EMP Grenades apply Disrupt, which will destroy any active skills caught in the blast. EMP Grenades also prevent the affected enemies from deploying any new skills for a period of time.

flashbang_grenade-icon.pngFlashbang Grenade

Description: Flashbang Grenades deal Blind-Deaf which will temporarily impair the vision and hearing of any enemy caught in the blast.

fragmentation_grenade-icon.pngFragmentation Grenade

Description: Fragmentation Grenades deal high damage and have a chance to apply Bleed.

incendiary_grenade-icon.pngIncendiary Grenade

Description: Incendiary Grenades release fire on detonation. This fire has a chance to apply Burn to any enemy caught in the blast. Burn will drain an enemy's health over time.

shock_grenade-icon.pngShock Grenade

Description: Shock Grenades apply Shock, which will temporarily paralyze any enemy caught in the blast radius and also deal damage.

tear_gas_grenade-icon.pngTear Gas Grenade

Description: Tear Gas Grenades apply Disoriented, which will temporarily impair the vision, as well as the accuracy, of any enemy caught in the blast.

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