Factions in The Division are there to both help and challenge players roaming around the remains of New York City.

Factions Information



Joint Task Force

  • A unit activated in the wake of a massive virus spread throughout the city.
  • Formed by the first responders of when the virus hit the city. Includes police, firemen, and National Guard.
  • Assigned to try to hold Manhattan together and restore its glory.
  • The JTF is being hit on all sides by enemy factions and it’s definitely not looking good.

The Division Agents

  • Division agents are sleeper cells trained to handle catastrophic events.
  • This is the faction that all Players belong to in The Division.

The Citizens of New York City

  • Trapped amidst all this violence and they are relying on the agents and the JTF to help them stay safe.
  • Rather than fear you like they initially do when you first come onto the scene, they will recognize you and treat you like an ally of the city.
  • The citizens’ reactions and the reactions of the JTF are essential for you to understand how good of a job you’re doing.




  • Made up of blue-collar sanitation workers who have taken it upon themselves to clean up New York City.
  • Take the “start over” approach to the disaster.
  • They want to burn anything and anyone they come in contact with as an attempt to get rid of the virus.
  • Attracted to areas of high contagion and are extremely aggressive.


  • Former prisoners who have escaped from the Rikers Island prison
  • They are reclaiming New York City for their own
  • Often spotted in orange jumpsuits and blue jackets.
  • In the Dark Zones, seen wearing balaclavas with chemical masks.

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