Threat is an attribute of a player's character that can be affected by Stats, Skills, Gears and Weapons.

  • Attribute Type: Combat
  • Modifies the threat generated by you in combat
  • Threat is "aggro" or the amount of focus from enemies that you receive. Tank types will want to have high threat so that enemies are focused on them. Other characters will want to reduce threat so that they are not attacked.

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    • Anonymous

      Threat is the amount enemies will seek you out or not, i.e increased threat will scare them off, a negative threat will invite them to attack you. if you are a minus threat then they will run past other players with a positive threat to get you, especially the runners with bats and shields.

      You can change the threat level by changing the muzzle mod on your gun. look at them in your inventory, look at the selected mod under the 'Minor Attribute', but not all muzzles have this attribute.

      • Anonymous

        The only way to increase threat is if you equip the muzzle mod with +threat% which is the 'Loud vent brake'; One with +crit hit damage as primary modifier.

        I am not sure why but the muzzle minor attributes will not show up on the modding screen but will show up on the inventory screen.

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