Magazines in The Division are one of 5 types of Mods that can be applied to Weapons. They affect attributes such as magazine size and reload speed which are all calculated into your DPS. They can be obtained as loot drops from Enemies, giving Consumables to NPCs and purchased from Vendors. Magazines are available in the 5 different rarity types, and their possible Attributes are as follows:

Magazine Information

Quality of Magazine Max # of Attributes
 Worn 1 Minor OR 1 Major
 Standard 1 Minor OR 1 Major
 Specialized 1 Major and 1 Minor OR 2 Majors
 Superior ??
 High-End 2 Major and 1 Minor
Magazine Attributes Type of Attribute
+% Magazine Size Major
+% Reload Speed Major
+% Rate of Fire Minor
+% Critical Hit Chance Major
+% Critical Hit Damage Major


Extended Magazine

Always has +% Magazine Size

Heavy Magazine Spring

Always has +% Rate of Fire

Quick Release Magazine

Always has +% Reload Speed

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