How Does Leveling Work in The Division?

The 3 primary Stats in The Division are Firearms, Stamina and Electronics. Firearms affects your damage with weapons, Stamina affects your health pool and Electronics improves the effectiveness of your Skills. You gain XP by completing Missions, killing Enemies, discovering new Locations, and giving citizens spare items. All Weapons and equipped Gear are gated by level, so if you’re at level six and you find a level-eight assault rifle, you can’t use that weapon until you level up. The Division has an initial level cap of 30. Once you reach level 30, the game undergoes several changes:
  • Dark Zones repopulate with all new content and challenges that are level appropriate.
  • Instead of segmented zones, the entire Dark Zone is repopulated to explore from the beginning again.
  • You will continue to be able to find and improve Equipment and Weapons through Crafting.

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