Security Perks in The Division. This is a list of Security Perks in the game.

Security Perks

experienced_agent-icon.pngExperienced Agent

  • Increase XP gained from all activities by 10%.

grenades_perk-icon.pngGrenades (Perk)

  • Increase the grenade inventory by 1 slot.

advanced_weaponry-icon.pngAdvanced Weaponry

  • Unlock advanced weapons vendor in the Security Wing.

combat_veteran-icon.pngCombat Veteran

  • Increase XP gained from accolades by 25%.

hazardous_materials-icon.pngHazardous Materials

  • Increase Dark Zone inventory by 1 slot.

black_market_vendor-icon.pngBlack Market Vendor

  • Unlock Dark Zone fund purchases in the Base of Operations.

clothes_vendor-icon.pngClothes Vendor

  • Unlocks a Clothes Vendor in the Base of Operations.

explosive_bullets_perk-icon.pngExplosive Bullets (Perk)

  • Increase Explosive Bullets effect duration by 10 seconds.

gunsmith-icon.pngGunsmith (Perk)

  • Collect weapon parts (crafting materials) in the Security Wing once per hour.


  • Collect items from the scavenger box in the Security Wing once per hour.

incendiary_bullets_perk-icon.pngIncendiary Bullets (Perk)

  • Increase Incendiary Bullets effect duration by 10 seconds.

special_ammo-icon.pngSpecial Ammo

  • Collect incendiary and explosive bullets (ammo) in the Supply Line once per hour.

shooting_range-icon.pngShooting Range (Perk)

  • Train in Marksmanship at the Shooting Range.


  • Increases Scavenging by 15%.

intel_discovery-icon.pngIntel Discovery

  • Convert Division Tech crafting materials into other materials at the crafting station.

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