Technology Perks in The Division. This is a list of Technology Perks in the game.

Technology Perks


  • Increase inventory by 10 slots.

hazardous_materials-icon.pngHazardous Materials

  • Increase Dark Zone inventory by 1 slot.

division_tech_materials-icon.pngDivision Tech Materials

  • Convert Division Tech crafting materials into other materials at the crafting station.


  • Collect electronics (crafting materials) in the Tech Wing once per hour.

soda_perk-icon.pngSoda (Perk)

  • Increase Soda consumable effect duration by 10 seconds.

water_perk-icon.pngWater (Perk)

  • Increase Water consumable effect duration by 10 seconds.


  • Collect tools (crafting materials) in the Tech Wing once per hour.

energy_bar_perk-icon.pngEnergy Bar (Perk)

  • Increase energy bar effect duration by 5 seconds.

resource_assessment-icon.pngResource Assessment

  • Reveal all Division Tech crafting nodes on the Dark Zone map.

stat_switch-icon.pngStat Switch

  • Unlock item stat switching at the Recalibration Station.

dark_zone_funds-icon.pngDark Zone Funds (Perk)

  • Increase looted Dark Zone fund gains by 10%.


  • Increase stash by 10 slots.

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