Phoenix Credits in The Division are End Game currency that players can use to purchase end game Gear and Weapons from Vendors in the Base of Operations and in the furthest north Safe Room in the 6th and final Dark Zone.


Earning Phoenix Credits


Once a player reaches the max level there will be 3 Daily Missions that players can complete for Phoenix Credits. When a mission is highlighted on the map by a white circle, it has been selected as a daily mission, and hovering over the mission will let you know which difficulty has been selected for the Daily Mission by showing (Daily) next to the difficulty.

Phoenix Credits can also be earned by completing certain Missions on the Challenging difficulty, if the mission is available on that difficulty setting. These 4 missions are available in Challenging once you hit the max level and may be completed for the credit reward once:

You may additionally farm Phoenix Credits from named bosses, who have a chance to drop a small amount on death.

Phoenix Credits are capped at 1000, and they are shared across all your characters, meaning you can complete the Daily Missions multiple times to earn more.


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