Safe Room is a Location in The Division.


Safe Room Information

Safe Rooms can be found both inside and outside of Dark Zones and they function like a scaled down Base of Operations.



Safe Rooms Outside Dark Zones

Outside of Dark Zones, Safe Rooms provide players with access to their stash, Vendors, and Notice Board and with Online matchmaking. From inside a Safe Room you will be able inspect other random players and invite them for co-op play and vice versa. They do not provide access to your Security, Medical and Tech Wings so you cannot perform upgrades associated with these elements in Safe Rooms.


Safe Rooms Inside Dark Zones

Inside Dark Zones, a Safe Room is specifically for the player and their team. Upon entering a Dark Zone Safe Room, players will only be able to see members of their own teams. Functionally these Safe Rooms are less featured than ones outside of Dark Zones. They provide a restock for Ammo and Consumables and feature a special Vendor that sells High End Weapons and High End Gear. Items purchased from a Dark Zone Vendor require Dark Zone currency and minimum Dark Zone Rank in addition to a minimum player level.

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    • Anonymous

      I found a room in the division that can be used as a safe area. its located at 47th and 3rd ave in the merrot building. take the elevator up then the stairs and you come to a safe area. im looking for one like it in westside piers but cant find it. P.S. DO NOT SHOOT THE YELLOW TANKS WILL INSTA--KILL YOU Thxs

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