Double Barrel Sawed Off

Weapon Type Shotguns
?? ?? ??
Accuracy  ??
Reload Speed  ??
Range  ??
Stability  ??

Double Barrel Sawed Off is a Shotgun in Tom Clancy's The Division.

Possible Double Barrel Sawed Off Weapon Talents


  • Possible Weapon Talents go here


Where to Find/Location


  • ?? quality / level range Drops from ?? level zones/ enemies.

Available Mod Slots



|  Double Barrel Shotgun  | |  M1014  | |  M870 Express  | |  Military M870  | |  Moss 50  | |  SASG-12  | |  Super 90  |

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    • Anonymous

      High end?24 Mar 2016 21:26  

      I've had a purple and blue but I was wondering if anyone had found a high end (gold) blueprint or gun, rumor has its there's a BP for sale at DZ06 but obviously that varys

      • Anonymous

        Mods23 Mar 2016 13:43  

        I've had two saw offs so far (one green as random drop and one blue bought from the advanced weapons vendor) and both only had a skin slot. Also, it's a side arm though it's not marked as such anywhere, just allows itself to only be equipped as one.

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