Scavenging is an attribute of a player's character that can be affected by Stats, Skills, Gear and Weapons.

  • Attribute Type: Exploration
  • Increases the chance of finding more and better items
  • Gear with this attribute is very useful for farming High End Weapons and High End Gear at End Game

    (Removed as of Patch 1.4)

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    • Anonymous

      Scavenging in The Division increases the wuality of material finds like tools, electronics, division tech, etc. it also increases the amount/ chance of ammo, (grenades), currency and medkits being dropped from fallen enemies.

      • Anonymous

        Scavenging does not affect Drops from NPCs, Even Name Enemies are not effected anymore because of the recent exploiting and glitches have been been a Reflection of the hotfixing and patches that been done recently as of 04/21/16 What Scavenging Now Effects are Farming Quality and loot boxes of DZ box types not all of them but certain one's. And The killing blow of the last boss of a instance only if all other Enemy's have been eliminated before the the killing blow. And goes off a average of the combine Score of the Team before killing blow. Which explains why when you solo Better Gear appear because Scavenging score is higher Reflecting off you one stat instead of the group.

        • Anonymous

          I run together with the same people day after day and my take on scavenging is that the scavenging number doesnt matter much. we get the same drop rate for high end item but half of the team have a low and half have a high scav. score. sometimes even the low score player gets the more high end drops.

          • Anonymous

            I have 194% scavenging setup and am very lucky if i get 1 high end piece a day. What is the sense in that when other players run a much liwer setup and get more high end drops per day?

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