Weapon Type High End Weapons
6378 550 32
Requirements  N/A - Dark Zone Rank 
30 - Level 
Accuracy  40%
Reload Speed  70%
Range  15%
Stability  35%

Midas is a High End Submachine Gun in Tom Clancy's The Division.

Midas Weapon Talents

  • Responsive: Damage is increased by 13% when closer than 10 meters to the target
  • Self-Preserved: Critical hits with this weapon heal you for 3% of damage dealt.
  • Vicious: Your Critical Hit chance is increased by 13% while you are at full health.


Where to Find/Location

 Random loot drop from named enemies


Available Mod Slots


High End Weapons

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    • Anonymous

      Go to 5th Avenue DZ checkpoint and make your way to the trash mob in between the east side DZ 1 entrance. Farm that mob and you'll get one. I've gotten more than 5. You can also try out the pit in DZ 6 that's where I found my first one.

      • Anonymous

        Just got this on a drop and a successful Helo recovery in The DZ. Unmatched in stability thus far and damage is quite immense at close to mid' range. Definitely curious as to how far I can mod this bad boy. Thank you for the yellow drop TD' Feeling like a golden boy

        • Anonymous

          Stated by a Massive employee in a reddit post, due to the weapon being grossly over powered because of the trained talent, the talent will be temporarily disabled until that figure out a nerf in the next patch

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