Weapon Type High End Weapons
6655 69 ??
Requirements  - Dark Zone Rank 
- Level 
Accuracy  ??
Reload Speed  ??
Range  ??
Stability  ??

Historian is a High End Marksman Rifle in Tom Clancy's The Division.

Historian Weapon Talents

  • Prepared: When further than {0} meters from your target, your damage is increased by {1}%.
  • Intense: The first bullet of a magazine has a {0}% chance to apply the On Fire status effect to the target.
  • Harmful: Each hit has a {0}% chance to apply the Bleed status effect to the target.


Where to Find/Location



Available Mod Slots


High End Weapons

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    • Anonymous

      god cant believe i wasted 870 phoenix credits on this crap talents are garbage like not one of them is worth getting your rarely over 40m and 13% extra damage at that range isnt much anyways i really hope they update this thing at some point

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