Weapon Type High End Weapons
5361-6035 982 15
Requirements  N/A- Dark Zone Rank 
30- Level 
Accuracy  50~Approx
Reload Speed  75~Approx
Range  15~Approx
Stability  30~Approx

Damascus is a High End Pistols in Tom Clancy's The Division.

Damascus Weapon Talents

  • Harmful: Each hit has a {12.5}% chance to apply the Bleed status effect to the target.
  • Restored: Killing a target with this weapon removes all negative status effects from you.
  • Expert: When the target is below 30% health, your weapon deals 100% more damage.


Where to Find/Location

 Obtained through the final mission as a blue print

Requires 5 High-End weapon parts and 3 High-End tools


Available Mod Slots


High End Weapons

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