Weapon Type High End Weapons
6720 625 30
Requirements  - Dark Zone Rank ??
- Level 30
Accuracy  ??
Reload Speed  ??
Range  ??
Stability  ??

Caduceus is a High End Assault Rifle in Tom Clancy's The Division.

Caduceus Weapon Talents

  • Coolheaded - Performing a headshot reduces all skill cooldowns by 5.5%. (Requires Firearms1889 and Electronics1889)
  • Self-Preserved - Critical hits with this weapon heal the user for 3% of damage dealt.
  • Restored - Killing a target with this weapon removes all negative Status Effects. (Requires Stamina 1417 and Electronics1889)


Where to Find/Location


  • Random loot drop from named elite enemies.


Available Mod Slots


High End Weapons

|  Cassidy  | |  Liberator  | |  Midas  |

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    • Anonymous

      This video will show you how to farm for the caduceus the quickest way! Tomorrows Video will show you how cool the caduceus is with certain gear! with audio :) and walkthrough :)

      • Anonymous

        i drop the caduceus my to and i guess is just can be drop whit a end boss on mission i don't if elite is the same thing of what i tell

        • Anonymous

          I Got the weapon in the Russian Consulate (HARD) dropped by "Hornet" DMG 7296RPM 625MAG 30HIGH END LEVEL 30ASSAULT RIFLETALENTS:CoolheadedRestoredSelf-preservedItem level 31Here's a Picture of it aswell :

          • Anonymous

            This weapon was available to buy in the Beta, but I don't think it is available to purchase in the retail version. I believe the only way of obtaining the Caduceus currently is by RNG from killing a "named" enemy.You can, however, purchase the Pakhan and Cassidy from the "High End Weapons" vendor in the Security wing of your base (once upgraded).The Liberator is also available for purchase via a blueprint sold buy the vendor upstairs in the Tech wing of your base (again, once upgraded). Happy hunting!

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