Immunizer in The Division is a modification of the Support Station Skill.


Base Attributes

Type Modification
Range 8m
Healing Rate 59 HP/s
Revive Time 5s
Lifetime 24s
Health 793 HP
Cooldown 84.40s


Immunizer Description

Drops a recovery station that removes Status Effects and makes allies immune while within the affected area.





Medical Wing Upgrade: Hazmat Unit

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    • Anonymous

      Re: immunizier18 Mar 2016 10:52  

      Nevermind on a self test I recieved a small damage from self inflicted incendiary but no additional burn damage

      • Anonymous

        Immunizer18 Mar 2016 10:50  

        Doea this prevent burn from incindiaries? And if so does it prevent all damage, or is there a non burn damage base?

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