Support Station in The Division is a Medical Skill.

Support Station





Base Attributes

Type Base
Range 8m
Healing Rate 41 HP/s
Revive Time 5s
Lifetime 30s
Health 551 HP
Cooldown 84.70s


Support Station Information

Drops a support station that heals allies and can be used to revive downed allies.

Requirement: Upgrade Medical Wing to Virus Lab



Life Support
Drops a revival station that automatically revives any allies who are downed within the affected area
Requirement: Medical Wing Upgrade: Hazmat Unit


Drops a recovery station that removes Status Effects and makes allies immune while within the affected area.
Requirement: Medical Wing Upgrade: Hazmat Unit


Ammo Cache
While close to the device, allies regain their ammo as they reload, and skill cooldown recovery is faster.
Requirement: Medical Wing Upgrade: Hazmat Unit



When the device is disabled, nearby allies receive immediate healing.
Requirement: Medical Wing Upgrade: Build all upgrades

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