Trapper in The Division is a modification of the Smart Cover Skill.


Base Attributes

Type Modification
Damage Resistance 11.40%
Damage Buff 85.80%
Effect Range 8m
Lifetime 30s
Deploy Range 30m
Cooldown 56.30s


Trapper Description

Hostile targets using a reinforced cover deal less damage, while taking increased damage





Security Wing Upgrade: Supply Line

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    • Anonymous

      I don't think people understand this skill16 Mar 2016 10:14  

      if you read trapper it says enemies do less damage to you and receive more damage if THEY are using a reinforced cover (not if you are using it) so if you are the one behind the cover then you arent doing more damage to enemies?

      • Anonymous

        bugged?14 Mar 2016 15:03  

        I have seen people claim that this nearly doubles your dps when you are behind but unless it is bugged that makes absolutely no sense. The resistance in this skill should be say enemy has reduced res. and dmg buff should be saying enemy damage is being lessened, especially seeing as with moe skill power the dmg buff goes down so instead of 90% mine says 50% this should translate to enemies behind it deal 50% of base damage. So why are people using it on themselves?

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