Division Tech in The Division is used to Craft Gear, Gear Mods, Weapons and Weapon Mods from Dark Zone Blueprints. It comes in 3 qualities:  Standard, Specialized, and High-End. Better Gear, Gear Mods, Weapons and Weapon Mods can be crafted with higher quality Division Tech. Players can convert 5 of any Division Tech into 1 of the higher tier of that Division Tech. For example you can convert 5 Standard Division Tech into 1 Specialized Division Tech.

Electronics Information

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    • Anonymous

      Where can this converting be done?? I have not seen this in game. I need three high end division tech's in order to craft any blueprint from the DZ area. So I have to find High end tech in order to craft as I have not found a way to "convert" the other techs into high end.

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