The Evidence Correlation Holographic Overlay (ECHO) is a Intel in The Division. 


The ECHOs are just as their name suggests, echoes of the past. In short, these are 3D Holographic recreations of an event that is relevant to the player. These digital recreations create a way for players to learn about the environment, gather info on locations and objects, find hidden loot and passageways, and generally map out their immidiaete surroundings. 

This mechanic is truly a unique story mechanic that is an alternative to cutscenes; scenes frozen in time fill the player in on events that have occurred in the city streets, underground, and environment.


The visualization of the ECHO happens in form of a 3D hologram of prior moments with orange dots. These holograms are created by the player's smartwatch, using data mined from surveillance cameras, discarded smartphones and the like. Occasionally these projections are accompanied by a sound recording. The player is then given liberty to walk through these in real time to figure out what happened. You also earn experience points by inspecting the ECHO (2000 XP).

Echos Locations

ECHO Location Description
General 1    
General 2    
General 3    
General 4    
General 5    
April Kelleher 1    
Heather Lau 1    
Heather Lau 2    
Heather Lau 3    

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