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    • Dark Zone survivability11 Aug 2016 19:12  

      Hey all, this is my first post but one I'm sure you've seen many times before. Whats with the dark zone griefers? I KNOW its meant to be hard. I KNOW its meant to high risk/high reward but cmon, when you're wearing what you percieve to be fairly decent gear and some guy just comes up and one shots you, how is that supposed to be fun? If you could actually put up a fight, i could see it being fun. I know this is predominantly a rant but ultimately i would like to learn what I'm doing wrong, but only after stating how annoying the DZ is first :p

      • devision12 Jul 2016 19:57  

        It's a good thing I work really hard and put a lot of time into getting good at this game because as soon as I get to where I'm happy with my gear they just do an update and make me worse. My dps has dropped significantly with 3 of the updates now. Quit making us worse

        • HVT stuff up12 Jul 2016 17:05  

          Completing a 5 point HVT mission, Gramercy area in the park, killed the HVT and while chasing the last enemy sniper to close the mission the sniper runs away outside the park, I chased him, as he is killed there is a failed mission notice cause I left the area, WTF, return to base and yep, mission is open and the HVT is alive and well. Really pissed, if I leave the area, fail but the enemy can run, no penalty.

          • Screen Delay or Freeze15 Jun 2016 05:03  

            For about a week already I have been getting my console, my character freeze up and suddenly I am dead. Frustrating especially when I have gone thru 3/4 of the game.<br/>

            • Darkzone13 Apr 2016 09:46  

              Got a couple of friends trying to join the same darkzone bracket as me. I'm in the 0 to 160 bracket, and they're in the 161+ bracket, but their gearscores are still lower than 160. Can't seem to work out what's going on.

              • Enemies hitting a lot harder on PC30 Mar 2016 03:17  

                Has anyone else noticed that it seems like the enemies are hitting wayyy harder and doing way more damage on the pc version? Or am I just losing my mind?<br/>

                • Level to Rank, for buy.19 Mar 2016 22:37  

                  Hello, i still cannot found a list of what rank need for every level i up, i mean, in level 15 i need rank 20 (i think, i dont remember), i have level 21 and rank 30, so now, with rank 30 i can buy, but not in rank 29 with level 21.<br/><br/>So if someone can create a list of rank scalation to buy to vendors, i apreciate it!.

                  • group play11 Mar 2016 02:13  

                    Was playing with my brother on group play. Went through the second gate after the precinct takeover and i advanced to a video and onto camp hudson, my brother got left behind and cannot join? Whats going on?

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