Survival is a DLC in The Division. This expansion will challenge players to survive as long as possible by gathering essential supplies in a very hostile environment. It released on the Public Test Server for Season Pass holders on 11/7/16 and released for everyone on ??


Survival Information


Story of Survival

  • New York is preparing for the most brutal snow storm ever
  • You get the information that there are antivirals in the Dark Zone that we can use for the cure
  • Division dispatches a group of agents to retrieve these antivirals
  • As you are flying to the DZ you crash with the helicopter
  • You lose your group and gear and are in a bad shape
  • You need to continue the mission from there on, fight your way to the Dark Zone, get the antivirals and then extract yourself and the antivirals to safety.


Start the mission

  • You start the Survival mission in the Terminal in the Base of Operations.


Survival Game Mode

  • 24 Players in a Session
  • The session is about 2h long, after that you die when you have not extracted in the Dark Zone
  • The goal is to get to the DZ, get the antivirals and extract yourself with a helicopter
  • The whole map is available, so 24 players are on the whole open world map – including the Dark Zone
  • You can select a PVP or PVE mode, so for players that don't want to play against other players there is a special mode for that.
  • There are not enough resources for all players, so even in PVE mode, it is competitive
  • You can matchmake as a group, but you can also matchmake as solo player – or just go solo
  • You can also group up with other players in the session – not more than 4 players
  • You will be dropped off at the edge of the map and you have to work yourself through the city to the Dark Zone to get the antiviral
  • Other Players will also drop on designated locations, so you can group up there.
  • The closer you go to the center of the map, the harder the enemies are – but even those at the border can be very tough.
  • So as you progress through the streets, you need to get better gear, gather supplies and unlock your skills. (Pulse and med-packs for example)
  • When you die the session is over – unless you are revived by another player / group member
  • You can revive yourself with a med-pack but those are very rare in Survival
  • There are roaming enemies that are patrolling the Survival-Zone and those are very tough (Flashlight)
  • The Survival Map is the same as the current open world – but everything is covered in snow
  • There is also a snow storm, so there is a low visibility
  • The Survival Zone is disconnected from the World Tiers, so everybody can play together – level 30 player can play with level 10 player
  • You get XP for doing activities in Survival, so you can level up your character there
  • Everybody has the same gear, so it is a fair start.
  • You can play the Survival mode as soon as you have unlocked the Base of Operations


New Mechanics of the Survival Mode

  • Your Agent is hungry, dehydrated and sick from something that you have contracted when you crashed (not Green Poison)
  • You need to extract yourself to be treated, but the progression of the sickness can be slowed with medicine and painkillers
  • Hunger impacts your health regeneration
  • Thirst affects your vision
  • You start with bad gear, so you need to get better clothes that protect you from the cold
  • Trash barrels can be lit to give warmth
  • Apartments give protection against the cold
  • Skills can be crafted in the hideouts
  • No Rogue mechanics – but there will be a notification when a player is killed so you can help or get his loot


Final Extraction

  • When you call an extraction in the Survival Dark Zone the Chopper will land and you can board it to get to safety
  • But the flair will attract the new Hunters faction that will try to stop you from leaving


Starting Gear

  • Hazmat Suit and a Pistol
  • All green equipment
  • No Skills
  • No First Aid


Vanity Items in Survival

  • The clothes you find in the apartments have now a protection value against the cold
  • So when you find a jacket that looks warm, it will also protect you against the snow storm.



  • You can find food, water, clothes in apartments that will help you survive
  • There are apparently helicopter crashes all over the Survival Zone and you find equipment there



  • You will be able to find a lot of crafting materials / you can also deconstruct items you find
  • You can craft items on the Crafting Tables in the Hideouts
  • Skills can also be crafted in Hideouts



  • Are new safe places that are scattered all over the Survival Zone
  • You can find Crafting Benches there
  • Not like Safe Houses but they will protect you against the cold


UI changes in Survival Mode

  • No Minimap Pulse is king
  • Less notifications overall


Loot / Rewards

  • When you finish the session you get a summary based on how you did, how many NPCs you killed – this will give you a score. Based on that you will get a reward – so even when you failed to do the objective, you will get rewards.
  • You can also find and extract sealed caches that will then appear in the main game and give you equipment

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