Subway Morgue


Tech Mission




Garment District

Subway Morgue is a Mission in The Division.

Subway Morgue Information

"The local power outage has been traced to the Subway Morgue generators. Locate missing JTF engineer Paul Rhodes, assist him in restoring power, and allow him to return to the Base of Operations to open up the Tech Wing."

Subway Morgue Rewards


  • Gain entry to the Subway Morgue entrance


Subway Morgue Walkthrough

Detailed quest walkthrough goes here.


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    • Anonymous

      At the very end of the mission, I got stuck inside of the elevator after I went through the loading screen after standing inside of it, I fast traveled out, but the mission objective still says to get into the elevator, and when I walked through the entire level again, the elevator wasn't even at the bottom for me to get into. Any advice?

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