Skill Power is an attribute of a player's character that can be affected by Stats, Skills, Gears and Weapons.

  • Attribute Type: Skills
  • Improves your skills. Skill Power is essentially the same as finding Electronics on Gear. 10 Skill Power = 1 Electronics on a piece of Gear.
  • To view the impact that Skill Power has on your skills, you can see the base and total stats of your Skills from the skill screen when you scroll over the skills and its Skill mods.

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    • Anonymous

      Okay why is skill power not directly effected like DPS? Example : Piece of equipment makes my stats go....Dps: 2400 (2700) Health: 2400 (2200) Skill Power: 670 (940)Now when I equipment the stats change to....Dps: 2700 Health: 2200 Skill Power: 670 Why is Skill power not directly effected?

      • Anonymous

        I have two go bags in my inventory.Hunting pack lvl. 7:34 capacityMaj. Atts. Are +197 skill powerMin. Atts Are+12% Ammo Cap.Second go bag is...Recruit bag lvl . 533 capacityMaj. Atts. Are+12 ArmorMin. Atts Are 11% Ammo Cap.

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