Weapon Type Assault Rifles
?? ?? ??
Accuracy  ??
Reload Speed  ??
Range  ??
Stability  ??

MK16 is an Assault Rifle in Tom Clancy's The Division.

Possible MK16 Weapon Talents


  • Possible Weapon Talents go here


Where to Find/Location


  • ?? quality / level range Drops from ?? level zones/ enemies.

Available Mod Slots



Assault Rifles
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    • Anonymous

      I got a 182 gear score Tactical Mk16 from a Lexington challenging run and it performs pretty well. Mine had 10.5k base damage and I think some where around 625 rpm. It seemed to deal a good amount of damage like an AK but retained greater stability. Later on I equipped it with a magazine mod that increased ammo cap to 56 rds and rpm to 800 doing so drastically reduced the stability and required it to be fired in short bursts to be effective. Overall the gun makes a great secondary to use when I run out of ammo for my AUG.

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