Exotic Damage Resilience is an attribute of a player's character that can be affected by Stats, Skills, Gear, and Weapons.

  • Attribute Type: Survivability
  • Exotic Damage Resilience mitigate damage from burning, bleed, fire, shock, electric, explosion damage.   

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    • Anonymous

      20 Aug 2017 07:22  

      Is this only the damage or the time you are shocked or on fire.
      If its only for dmg it suck balls .
      Shock turret dmg is not great its the time you unable to move that makes it good .
      so if you can remove the delay before you can move with exotic then its good.

      • Anonymous

        Tom Clancy Discord Server10 Jan 2017 12:33  

        Hey people, i was wondering what the heck this stat was for and now i know lulz.By the way, i'm trying to create a pro-active discord channel for us Tom Clancy's The Division players. You may join us at www.sagsquad.asia (Click Join Server) on the first page.

        • Anonymous

          Explosive/Incendiary rounds?18 Mar 2016 14:10  

          Does exotic damage resistance include resistance for PvP against players using explosive or incendiary rounds?

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