Damage to Elites is an attribute of a player's character that can be affected by Stats, Skills, Gears and Weapons.

  • Attribute Type: Combat
  • Increases damage done to Elite and Named enemies

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    • Anonymous

      Which one is better for pve because i have low dps and firearms and i never want to change that because it's the best gear i have for now but is damage to elites better for pve or is enemy armor damage better for pve? Oh and what do you need for pvp because i see a lot players killing me fast and when i tried to use 600.000 toughness i still die very fast so what is the reason why they can kill me fast because are they hackers or do they use a lot dps and firearms with sentry or striker gear? Because i don't understand how to die from players if you use a lot toughness because they must be hackers and there is no other way to kill players so fast if they use a lot toughness because you only die very fast if you have vey low toughness so i don't understand why this is possible and everyone say that i have to use sticky bomb and a lot skill power but that's bull***** because when itry sticky bomb with 50.000 skill power they still alive with full health and i can do 250 k damage so sticky bomb is useless against players so you can't use sticky bomb if they don't take any damage and all hackers will never get banned if there are hackers on ps4 so it's also useless to buy a online game if you can't win from those hackers so that's the reason why i want to know how to win pvp if you play solo or with a team because if you can play solo and you can win in pvp you also can win with a team in pvp if you use the same gear and with the same weapons and with the same toughness and the same dps and the same skill power with the same stamina and firearms when you was playing solo in pvp so how can win in pvp and how can you win in pve and what do you need to do a lot damage but also to take a lot damage because if you can kill a player in pvp or a enemy in pve with 1 shot but you also can die from a player or a enemy with 1 shot it's actually useless because you can't win in pve and pvp if you can kill with 1 shot but also will die from 1 shot because you always have to stay in cover if you want to go somewhere in dark zone or in the underground so the only thing i want to know is which one is better because do i need enemy armor damage or do i need damage to elites for pvp and what do i need in pvp because i don't understand how if you can die very fast and you can't kill anyone in pvp or pve when you play solo

      • Anonymous

        I have 50% damage to elites but it doesn't seem like its working. I do just as much damage without the 50%. Possible bug??

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