Ammunition in The Division.comes in different types, matching different Weapons in the game. Ammo can be acquired by ?


assault_rifle_ammo-icon.pngAssault Rifle Ammo

Description: Assault rifles are well-balanced fully automatic weapons with a moderate amount of recoil, most useful at medium range.

light_machine_gun_ammo-icon.pngLight Machine Gun Ammo

Description: Light machine guns are high-powered fully automatic weapons with large capacity magazines, but which require some time to stabilize when firing.

marksman_rifle_ammo-icon.pngMarksman Rifle Ammo

Description: Marksman rifles are high-powered precision rifles with extra headshot damage, designed for long range combat.

pistol_ammo-icon.pngPistol Ammo

Description: Pistols are accurate, easy to handle sidearms that deal extra damage to injured enemies.

shotgun_ammo-icon.pngShotgun Ammo

Description: Shotguns fire a nuber of pellets in a spread with each shot, offering high mobility and high damage but with very limited range and rate of fire.

submachine_gun_ammo-icon.pngSubmachine Gun Ammo

Description: Submachine guns are stable, high mobility weapons with extra critical hit chance but short range.

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